Friday, October 30, 2009

New version of wiki-data is live

I’m pleased to say that the new version of is now live. There is also a link from our website.

Features of this new version:

- It has been developed in open source software which will provide significant flexibility to clients when the client specific version of the site is rolled out.

- Every Avox ID (AVID) is a distinct URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) enabling links to and from the entity record. There are no restrictions on the use of AVID, nor are there any license fees associated with it.

- We have put more data fields into this version of wiki-data including formerly known as name, also known as name, trading status, URL and additional operational address details.

- Users can hide/show columns, sort content in columns, click the AVID and land on a company page with a google map, filter content, challenge data values, request additional data for a record and request new records.

- Limited numbers of additional data and new record requests will be processed at no charge. We will soon have a charging mechanism in place for requesting more data and new records. Existing clients will be able to apply these requests against their existing contracts if they wish.

- There is a facility called “New app ideas” at the bottom of the screen where users can suggest and vote for new functionality.

- An email support function is also included at the bottom of the screen.

We have already started working on the client specific version of this application called “my-wiki-data” which will provide clients with more visualization, query and API functionality. We look forward to getting your feedback on both this public site and the client site as it evolves. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. We hope that this new capability is helpful.

Please note that the email request function on the previous version of wiki-data was corrupted and not operational during the past two weeks. My apologies if you had tried to use that capability and received no response. It is working with this new version.


  1. I heard about it at FIMA this morning. Now i tried it ( ) myself and i am as impressed and inspired as i was this morning when I first heard about it. I think this really has the ability to transform the way we work with data about corporate entities and locations and could well be amongst the biggest news in the data space for a generation.

  2. Thanks Ken,
    Marcelle, this project will reduce the time that AVOX employees spend on searching the web, that's all,however, the data will need to be verified as well, suggesting a new record is time consuming (27 fields),I don't believe this will work, I searched for AVOX and I got only 1 result, this is not a unique service, only if you added to other services by teaming up with 1)companieshouse database 2)Google maps.

  3. Abid,
    Wiki-data indeed speeds up the process of identifying data points that have gone out of date. As you suggest, those data records then go through our standard remediation process. That includes over several thousand sources which we have identified including Companies House.

    Wiki-data is indended to serve as a point of convergence for accurate and up to date business entity data. It is open and extensible which facilitates growth and transparency.

    We will be adding government entities and sub-legal entities into wiki-data in June. The footprint grows weekly (soon daily as we increase the frequency).

    This is a free lookup service. If you have specific suggestions for improvement, we'd be grateful for them.

    Kind Regards,


  4. Thanks Ken,
    Sorry for the delay, I was on holiday,I was introduced to Avox via an employment agency in Wrexham ,I visited the company back in December but I did not have much luck to pass the accuracy test (scored 94 point something with 65% completion) however I believe the business idea was great, I had an idea for a unique product you can provide, I can discuss the idea privately with yourself if you wish and I am willing to work on this project for free to get it working on the early stages.

  5. Abid, just send me an email ( and we can arrange a time to speak.
    Kind Regards,

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