Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Canada ready to take a reference data lead?

I've just returned from the third of three EDM Council meetings chaired by Mike Atkin, this one in Toronto. The previous recent meetings were held in Boston and London. I was pretty suprised at the contrast.

The Toronto event was well attended by most of the major banks, funds and a number of vendors. John Mulholland of RBC kindly hosted and injected much relevant and interesting comment. A representative from the cash equities business group at CIBC provided a significant amount of challenging, insightful and truly helpful comments. This helped make the Toronto meeting one of the most dynamic and relevant EDM Council meetings yet in my opinion.

It was rather shocking to see the Toronto financial community coming together with so much vigour. I've personally been trying to foster a reference data community here, (where embarrassingly, I'm based) but to little avail. Hats of to Mike and John for getting the ball rolling and to all the firms that participated for grabbing the bull by the horns. Maybe it's time for Canada to start leading the reference data charge...


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